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For your will, or the settlement of an estate, to do a will search, a liquidator nomination, a renunciation or a declaration of transmission….


For the sale or purchase of a house or condo, a promise to purchase, refinancing, a loan or mortgage,  an act of servitude, etc.


For an incorporation, for a business startup, for a commercial lease, a business sale, a transfer of shares, a search for a company name, etc.

Why consult a notary?

  • when buying or selling a property, whether is is a condo, a duplex or single family home
  • for the preparation of your will, the appointment of your liquidator or the search for a loved one’s will
  • for the preparation of your protection mandate and your end-of-life choices
  • for the celebration of your marriage or civil union
  • for the preparation of your marriage contract, whether you intend to marry or remain a de facto spouse
  • during an amicable separation
  • for the preparation of documents during a stay-abroad or the visit of a family member living in another country
  • when starting your business
  • for any legal advice